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Altered Labs

One of the UK's Leading Custom Controller Experts. Custom Gaming Controllers Designed & Built By Us.

All of our products are built with official Microsoft parts. We understand as fellow gamers that your gaming experience is everything. If something is wrong with your controller, playing your favourite games can be really hard. That's why we ensure all our controllers leave our factory at the highest quality. Our controllers also come with 3 months warranty as standard, so you can rest easy knowing that we have got you covered. With the help of our designers and suppliers we are able to bring the newest styles to all of our customers, with new unseen styles released every week, you wouldn't see anywhere else.

Enhance Your Gaming Experience With Our Soft Touch Faceplates!

Our new range of Soft Touch Faceplate’s are made with your comfort in mind. The faceplate features a “velvet like" feel, taking your gaming experience to another level.

Our Limited Collection of Chameleon Chrome Faceplates!

The new chameleon chrome faceplate features a two tone chrome finish. This design was inspired by the very popular standard chrome.