How to Use Our Custom Xbox One Controller Creator

We now allow all of our customers to get creative and design their very own Xbox One controller using our new Custom Xbox One Controller Creator. The process of designing an Xbox One controller is simple, however we thought we would show you just incase you were unsure.

Firstly by clicking or tapping on the front faceplate icon you can customise which faceplate you want your controller to have. You can choose from styles such as Chrome, Hydrodipped, Matte, and Soft Touch (velvet finish). Once you have chosen go ahead and close this tab and move onto the next section.

In this section you are able to choose what colour bumpers and triggers you want your controller to have. If you swipe left you will be able to see the rear of the Xbox controller, so you can see what your triggers will look like.

Next up is your LED. You can either choose to keep the LED in white, or you can choose from another range of colours that we offer. You will be able to what colour looks best when clicking or tapping on the colour.

Following this you can choose your left and right thumbsticks. These can be different styles. For example you can have a chrome left thumbstick and a rubber right thumbstick. This is all down to your own personal preference. This can depend on what games your playing if you need more grip on the right or left or just generally what you think looks best.

Once you have sorted out what thumbsticks you want you can choose which D-Pad you want. Our Most popular style is our chrome D-Pads. They stand out and never fail to impress.

Our ABXY buttons come with a wide range of choice. Chrome, Matte, Irridescent and many more. With these being one of the most important part of your Xbox One controller, it’s important that you get the best quality so they can take the long hours of gaming.

The start and select buttons are next, a small minor customisation, but we like our customers to have full control.

Moving onto the rear of the Xbox One controller, you can choose which style rear casing you want. Whether you want fancy chrome or the matte colours we’ve got you covered.

Finally you can choose what grips you would like, Rubberised, Matte, Chrome and many more options available so you are spoilt for choice. It is essential that your gaming experience is maximised, our rubberised grips help you get a firm grip on your game (literally).

Once you’re happy with your controller, you can purchase it and our team of controller builders will build your controller ready to be shipped. Depending on your chosen delivery you should recieve your controller in no-time!

Want to start designing your own Xbox One controller? Click here to visit our Custom Xbox One Controller Creator!

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