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3D Xbox One Shells

The new highly requested 3D Xbox One paint splatter shells are now available on our designer for you to play with. Our 3D shells feature small 3D splatters of paint making this one of our most unique styles so far. Available in a range of colours such as green, white, yellow, and white.

With 1000’s of different options to choose from, the combinations are endless.

These shells will transform your gaming experience by adding that little bit of extra grip for your hands. Our 3D Xbox One shells offer a rubber like feel when being held.

Why settle for a basic controller when you can customise your own and increase your comfort at the same time?

Every 3D shell that we design and then build comes with a 3 month warranty. New designs are released weekly, so all of our customers are always up to date.

All our 3D faceplates come with black rear grips and casing. Want a different colour? Get in touch.

Want one like this? Design Your Controller Now!