Xbox One Custom Controller

Design your own custom Xbox Controller.

Choose from a wide range of designs and colours to create your dream controller. Your controller will be built with a brand new Xbox Series S/X controller which works on Xbox One, Xbox Series & PC.

Buy Your Custom Xbox One Controller From One Of The UK’s Leading Manufacturers!

Choose from a wide range of options to customise your dream Custom Xbox One controller. With so 1000’s of different options to choose from, designing your own custom controller has never been so easy.

Made using Official Xbox One S Controller parts

Compatible with All Xbox One Consoles

3.5mm Stereo Headset Jack

Build Your Custom Controller the Way You Want It!

We aim to update our Xbox One Controller Designer with the latest and coolest features for an Xbox One S/X controller. Don’t see what you want? Please get in touch. With our stock levels of each shell changing please note that it is possible for a shell to be hidden at times while we restock!

Hydrodipped Faceplates

We offer a range of hydrodipped faceplates as an option on our designer, so you can have a controller that is unlike no other.

Our hydrodipped faceplates have been dipped into the highest of quality hydrodip film to ensure that the design lasts longer than other hydrodipped faceplates.

Important Info

Please note the hydrodipped faceplate does not have a hydrodipped rear casing unless otherwise stated. This will mean the rear casing and controller grips will be black. If you would like this changing please get in touch.

Soft Touch Faceplates

Our soft touch faceplates bring a whole new feel to the Xbox One controller. The faceplate is known to have a velvet like feel when playing.

Important Info

Please note that the soft touch faceplates come with the faceplate and grips of the colour chosen. The rear casing of the controller will be matte black. If you wish to change from the colour black please get in touch.

Matte Colour Shells

Like keeping it simple?

Well with the wide selection of colours ranging from black to yellow, designing a simple but creative design has never been so easy. All of our matte coloured shells come as a whole shell, so this will mean the faceplate, grips, and rear casing will be the same colour.