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Custom Controller Shell Types

Designed, Then Dipped.

Our wide collection of hydrodipped controller shells is known for being the best. We offer a range of different styles based around popular games, and highly requested designs. New designs are released weekly, so all of our customers are always up to date. Not only that, some of the hydrodipped shells that we offer also have the soft touch feature. 


Your Controller, Your Colour, Your Way.

The new highly requested 3D paint splatter shells are now available on our designer for you to play with. Our 3D shells feature small 3D splatters of paint making this one of our most unique styles so far. Available in a range of colours such as green, white, yellow, and white.

The Limited Edition Chameleon Chrome

Our chrome shells come with 3 months warranty as standard. If within the warranty period you find that your chrome shell has de-chromed, we will replace it for free. We promise to keep all our customers happy during the whole process of purchasing their gaming controller with us. It’s important to us that all our customers receive the very best, so their gaming experience stays at its peak. We offer a wide range of chrome shells, whether that be the very popular chameleon chrome or the standard chrome.

Take Your Gaming Experience to Another Level

When you think of the perfect gaming controller, one of the first things that come to mind is comfort right? Well, our new range of Soft Touch shells is now available in our controller designer. These shells will transform your gaming experience by adding that little bit of extra comfort for your hands. Our soft touch shells offer velvet like feel when being held. Why settle for a basic controller when you can customise your own and increase your comfort at the same time?