About Our New LED Custom Controllers

What Can Your Expect?

Our LED Custom Controllers will feature a spectrum of colours with a range of different modes to choose from. Expect to see some of the coolest unseen designs.

What Options are Available?

Our new LED Custom Controllers come many different colour options available including single colours, flashing colours, and blending changing colours with a slow and fast blink.

Which Consoles is this Feature Available for?

The LED feature will be available on Xbox One and PS4. The controllers themselves will bemade from the official manufacturer parts. We will install our special LEDs and fit them to the controllers. They will then be tested and be prepared for dispatch to you, our customer!

The LED Custom Controller Designer

Our new LED controllers will be a feature to there very own designer. The designer will be built with all the same faceplates, Rear Casings, Grips, Triggers, and Bumpers so you can customise your own controller to the max!

Release date?

We are looking to release the LED Custom Controller Designer around April 2020. However if the process of testing, building, and designing all goes well, we would expect it to go live sooner.

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